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Content Authoring and Search

Are you looking for a way to author custom XML formats?

Would you like an easy and organized means of storing your XML documents in searchable repositories?

Would you like to increase the speed, precision, and intelligence of searching and retrieving your enterprise information?

has the solution for you. offers unique solutions for your content authoring and search needs. 's authoring software allows you to generate, create, edit, and store all types of high-quality and consistent XML formats, including log files, configurations, machine-to-machine messages, and human-readable forms and documents.

Our software's viewing, indexing, and search capabilities provide exceptionally fast and precise access to your information. Our tools ensure that your information is well-organized and easy to manage. More importantly, our unique tools enable you to automate development of intelligent authoring and search interfaces that would usually require extensive time and resources to develop manually. Used alone or integrated with almost any content management system, our tools can help even non-technical writers create and collaborate on reusable content without needing to be proficient in XML.

has more than ten years experience as an information technology company. Our goal is to find solutions for organizations searching for ways to automate, streamline, and improve efficiency. We provide these services through our innovative technologies, including our content authoring and search technology.

To learn more about our products and services, or to schedule a demonstration, contact us at sales@xmllegal.com or phone (859) 312-6865.

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