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Court and Justice Automation

Are you looking for a court and justice automation solution?

Do you have questions about all those acronyms (XML, SOA, GJXDM, NIEM) and the technologies behind them?

Are you looking for high-quality software at an affordable price?

can help. 's court and justice software solutions offer a high-quality and affordable way to automate the work of your enterprise. Our products include end-to-end electronic filing software, on-line payment of traffic citations, and service oriented architecture products tailored for court and justice data exchanges. We also have specialized tools that automate integration into existing case and matter management systems.

consultants have architected, designed and built integration solutions in multiple domains including court, justice, legislature, administration and manufacturing/distribution. consultants are experts in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), including SOA architecture, design and implementation.

Over the past ten years, we have authored or participated in authoring hundreds of XML schemas, including GJXDM and NIEM schemas, one international standard, one national standard, and a number of state standards. We have a long history of providing knowledge and leadership, as well as a full suite of electronic filing products and services, to a number of jurisdictions around the country.

offers over ten years experience in the development of judicial systems integration and electronic court filing. We have a documented history of consistent innovation as a market leader in electronic filing and a dedication to high quality service and integrity.

Start maximizing your court's resources today by using 's suite of court and justice automation solutions.

To learn more about our solutions, or to schedule a demonstration, contact us at sales@xmllegal.com or call 859.312.6865.

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